If you have understood much of this site and want to perform a quick evaluation to see what kind of links are coming to your site, then simply type in the URL in the box below. This a useful backlink check tool which can tell you a bit more about the value of a link.

Sorry, the backlink checker is out of action for the moment. Please try a web search for an alternative called "Blue Backlinks" I really apologize but the third party provider disabled the function. Obviously they don't like the fact that I am teaching people that backlinks are not everything!
I will see if I can program my own version for you or simply find another widget where the company is not afraid of being challenged in regards to backlinks.

Before you do this, you should understand that simply building links will work up to a point but you need something else too. Click first on this link which opens a new page and then come back here -because leading you down a wrong thinking that who is linking to your site is the only thing matters now.

Do some investigation and type in the URL sites you know are popular and you will see what kind of links they have and who is giving them the link and what authority it has. If you do not understand the difference between links then it is a good idea to see my page titled "My Site " and watch the video. After that, you can install a free program I mentioned and start to do your own research.